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About Us
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About Petro Fars

Petro Fars® is the Oil and Gas sector of the SLF Company which has started the activity more than three decades ago by manufacturing the enameled wire.

Petro Fars® is focused on supplying equipment and services which engages in oil, gas and petrochemical, power plants, marine and offshore engineering and general engineering industries in IRAN.

On the other hand, Petro Fars® offered different services for non-local companies who are interested to participate in the Oil and Gas projects in IRAN.

Large network and effective connections are the key factors for running successful business everywhere; this may be more pronounced in business environment in Iran. Our group of technical and commercial people with back- ground in contracting and manufacturing sectors along with widespread network and good connections can help any international contractors in the following areas:

- Introducing projects of interest and providing support to win the contracts.
- Introducing reliable local manufacturers and obtain privileged transaction terms.
- Providing local technical services (design, drafting, progress report...).
- Providing commercial/procurement services (local purchase of material…).